National Parks Month

National parks are vital to the survival of thousands of different species. In the midst of an evolving world, national parks remain a safe haven for countless animals. It is incredibly important that people learn about the importance of national parks and that we all start taking steps to protect them.

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 WEEK 1: 

The first step to understanding the importance of national parks is to read about them. Every national park contains so much wildlife and beauty. If you read more about all the good national parks do, you will have a much richer understanding of why it is so vital that we make efforts to take care of them.


Here are a few links to help you get started:

 WEEK 2: 

Now that you have read up on everything national parks do, it is time to find some near you. There are several in Washington state alone. Create a list of national parks in your state and write down information such as where it is/ how far away it is, the animals you can see there, its size, etc. 


Here are some links to help you:

 WEEK 3: 

Make a plan to visit a national park near you. The easiest way to immerse yourself in the necessity of national parks is to visit them and see everything they do for yourself. Use the list of parks you made last week to pick the perfect park for you. To make the adventure more fun, invite a few friends or family members to come with you.

 WEEK 4: 

Now that you have seen the beauty and importance of national parks first hand, it is time to share the information you learned with friends and family and to start finding new ways to take care of them. There are countless ways to help support national parks. The easiest way is to donate money or your time. Another easy thing to do is to share the information with people. The more people who understand the importance of national parks, the better.


Here are a few links that have some resources to help you:

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