Wildfire Awareness Month 

Over the last few months, wildfires have spread throughout the West Coast and many other countries. These fires are quickly destroying the land that many organisms call home and are creating a toxic environment for all species. It is becoming increasingly important for everyone to start making changes in their daily lives in order to prevent as many wildfires as we can.

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 WEEK 1: 

The most important step to making a change is to research the causes and effects of something. Take this week to learn about what causes wildfires and the effect they have on the environment.


Here are a few links to help you get started:


 WEEK 2: 

Now that you understand what causes wildfires, it is time to learn about what steps you can take in daily life to help prevent them.

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Report any unattended fires you see to 911 or the nearest fire department. Even with preventative steps, it is inevitable that fires will still start, so it is imperative that we stop existing fires before they get too big.

  • Before lighting a fire (indoors or outdoors) make sure you have the proper materials to quickly extinguish it in case it gets out of hand.

Below are a few links with more ideas on how to prevent wildfires.

 WEEK 3: 

Now that you have learned some ways that you can help prevent wildfires, it is time to start implementing these changes into your daily life. It can be overwhelming at first, so we suggest that you start by gradually adding in these changes. Try making 2-3 lifestyle changes per week (you can do more or less if you need to). The most important thing is that the changes you make become a permanent part of your daily routine.

 WEEK 4: 

In the final week, it is time to reflect on what you learned and continue making changes in your daily routine. Look back on the changes you have made and recognize how much you are helping the environment by doing so. Figure out what changes fit into your lifestyle easily and share them with your friends and family. Remember that it may be difficult to make some of the changes but don't give up. Don't forget to share the lifestyle changes with people. The more people, the better!

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