Endangered Species Month 

Endangered species have a larger impact that many people realize. When an endangered species is lost, it causes the loss of another species within the same ecosystem, leading to a chain reaction and eventual destruction of the ecosystem. Humans rely on healthy ecosystems for clean air, water, and land for agriculture, so protecting wildlife and endangered species is necessary to ensure we have available resources and that future generations can enjoy the amazing species that nature has to offer.

 WEEK 1: 

Do some research about what species are currently endangered. The IUCN Red List is a great resource to find information. The International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species (IUCN) is an information source on the conservation of animal, plant, and fungi species around the world. It contains information about population size, range, threats, conservation actions, habitat, and more.

Link to IUCN Red List: https://www.iucnredlist.org/ 


 WEEK 2: 

Pick one or two endangered species that are interesting to research a bit further. It may be a species that lives in your local area, or one that just sparks your interest. Research a bit more about its current situation.

You could find out:

  • current threats

  • conservation efforts

  • ideal habitat

  • population trends


African Penguins

 WEEK 3: 

There are many different ways to help protect endangered wildlife such as donating to organizations, signing petitions, and more. It may seem like helping an endangered species is outside our capabilities, but there are so many small ways to help. Try to find one way that yo can help endangered species.


Here are some ideas: 

  • visit a national park or wildlife refuge

  • learn about the endangered species in your area

  • donate to an organization like IUCN

  • don't buy products made from threatened species

  • secure garbage can lids, feed pets indoors, or lock pet doors at night to avoid attracting wild animals 

A River in France

 WEEK 4: 

In addition to the ideas above, another way to help endangered species is to spread awareness about them. For example, posting on social media (make sure it's factual) or even just telling a friend something cool you learned about an endangered animal. Try to find one way that you can spread awareness or share somehting that you learned.

Vervet Monkey

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