Mountain Landscape


We are a group of PNW students passionate about using our voices to spread more awareness about the current climate crisis. Solving the climate crisis seems like an impossible task at first, but that is why we are here to help educate on the importance of taking the smallest of actions in everyday life to save the environment. The Earth is precious to us and we recognize its worth, but we are not doing this for our sake, we are doing this in the name of life and the natural world. 

Dear Earth is committed to empowering and organizing our youth to make real change in our communities. The same people who created the problem are not allowing us to fix it. This crisis calls for a seat at the table, and if they will not give us that seat, we will make it for ourselves. A movement is nothing without action and we aim to cooperate with our elected officials to make concrete change. 

Evolution is in nature. This way of thinking has served its purpose, but has become outdated. Our generation now has the exciting opportunity to recreate the world as it needs to be.  We have the solutions to solve this crisis, this doesn't have to be a fight, this can be an opportunity for collaboration and innovation.


We are reclaiming the climate.