Maisy Wagner

Communications Coordinator 

Fiona Treacy 

 Events Coordinator 

Maisy (she/her) decided that she was going to do all she can to help the environment and start Dear Earth. She had spent enough time waiting for good news about the current climate crisis and decided if the leaders of today won't listen, then she will.

Fiona Treacy (she/her) is passionate about helping the ocean and marine life through conservation. She is hoping to encourage people to make small adjustments in their daily life that will aid conservation efforts.

Raegan Silbernagel

 Research Coordinator 

Sarah Fitzgerald

Social Media Coordinator

Raegan (she/her) joined Dear Earth to help make a difference in the community and help educate others especially younger people. She is particularly passionate about ocean and marine life conservation. She loves continuing to learn about the problems and possible solutions facing our Earth.

Quincy Emerson

 Graphic Designer 

Sarah (she/her) is a first-year at Western Washington University and has a passion for climate justice. She is particularly enthusiastic about the impact of social media and youth organization in activism.

Quincy (they/them) supports the movement to call upon those in powerful positions to demand change locally and globally. Quincy believes in the power of artistic action and that art is a part of a quintessential part of revolution.